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AI Sports' services are designed to facilitate the marketing of student-athletes into the mainstream of college recruiting while assisting the University coach in finding the student-athlete that best fits his program needs. Our services bring together the student-athlete and the athletic program so that both have an efficient vehicle to increase their future probability of SUCCESS!


AI Sports provides three membership packages. Each package includes a digital profile, Website with secure logon and an e-mail account. For a description of each item in our membership packages, please click on the following links; Digital Athletic Profile, AI Combine, AI Statistics and the AI Workout. Here are the three membership opportunities we presently provide:


Digital Athletic Profile


Webpage & Secure Logon



Player chatrooms


Message Boards


Sports Information Links

Player Search


AI E-mail Account


Free Update Combine ($25.00) Savings


$10.00 Update Combine ($25.00) Savings


5% Mall Discount

Bronze Membership Plus -- ($50.00) Savings

1- Free update Combine -- ($25.00) Savings


2- $10.00 Update Combines -- ($30.00) Savings


AI Statistical Services -- ($75.00) Savings


50% Discount AI Workout -- ($87.50) Savings


15 - Emails to Universities -- ($25.00) Savings

TOTAL SAVING -- $292.50
Silver Membership Plus -- ($125.00) Savings

UNLIMITED Free update combine -- ($1225.00) Savings


15 - Direct Mailers to Universities -- ($50.00) Savings


AI Workouts -- ($175.00) Savings

TOTAL SAVING -- $1874.00

The digital profile is produced from the athlete's participation in an AI Sports combine, AI Statistical service and/or both. Click here to view a sample Digital Profile. The digital profile is constructed in accordance with the membership package the athlete chooses. Specifically, the data collected in the digital profile includes:

  AI Combine Results Athletic Information
  AI Statistics (optional) 1. Position(s) Statistics
    2. Career Statistics
  Personal Information 3. Clearing House Registration
  1. Family Bio 4. Awards, Honors, Interests
  2. Contact Info. 5. Game Film Online (optional)
  3. Awards, Honors, Interests 6. Other Sports Played
  Academic Information  
  1. School Information  
  2. GPA, Graduation Date  
  3. Grade Level  

AI Sports' combines test the student-athlete's speed, size, agility and strength using state-of-the-art electronic timing equipment and specially designed software. Our technology and automated approach provide both the student-athlete and the University recruiter with information that they can trust to be accurate and non-biased. All our combines follow strict company guidelines and are operated by former coaches and players who have been specially trained on all combine procedures.

AI Sports collects the following information on each participant:


1. Picture (head shot)


5. 40 Yard Dash


2. Height, Weight


6. Pro Agility Run


3. Waist, L/R Hand


7. Vertical Jump


4. 10 Yard Dash


8. Bench Press (185lbs)





Combine Conditions: Optional Service:
  1. Date / Location   1. Film 10 & 40 yard dash
  2. Weather / Test Surfaces   2. Film Pro Agility Run

Please Note: All Digital Athletic Profiles we build from our Combine services and/or the Statistical services are made available to all Community Colleges and Division I, IAA, II, and III NCAA and NAIA schools through our Internet football recruiting system.. (If you are interested in receiving a list of combine tests please call 909-484-4999, thank you!)


AI Sports statistical services chart the student-athlete's position statistics weekly throughout the season. All statistics collected are based upon the position(s) the student-athlete has signed to be recruited. Presently we do not collect statistics on Offensive Linemen because there is no formal grading system. When the NCAA / NAIA adopt a standardized Offensive Line grading system we will then begin collecting those statistics. Here are all the statistics we presently collect:


1. Career Position Statistics

  17. Rushing Touchdowns

2. Clearing House Registration

  18. Fumbles

3. Game Date

  19. Fumbles Lost

4. Opponents

  20. Receptions

5. Score

  21. Receiving Yards
  6. Weather / Field Conditions   22. Receiving Touchdowns
  7. Passing Ratings   23. Yards Per Catch
  8. Completion's   24. Longest Reception
  9. Passing Yards Total  

25. Field Goals Att/Md (overall)

  10. Yards Per Attempt   26. Field Goals Att/Md --
  11. Passing Touchdowns  
(0-29 / 30 -39 / 40-49 / 50 +)
  12. Interceptions   27. PAT'S Att/Md
  13. Longest Pass   28. Punt Attempts
  14. Sacks / Yards Lost   29. Punt Average
  15. Rushing Attempts   30. Punt Punts Inside 20
  16. Rushing Average    

Please Note: All the position statistics we collect are based on the standard set-forth by the NCAA. Presently, we collect statistics on Defense, Offense and key Special Team positions. If you have any suggestions and/or comments about our statistical services please let us know -- suggestions -- Click here!


AI Sports uses an individualized approach to building the athlete's workout. We run the athlete through a series of drills that test and measure the student-athletes physical attributes and abilities as they are applied to: acceleration, speed, strength and endurance in football. From the results we build the athlete a speed, strength, and conditioning program that will improve his problem area(s). By creating balance and improving his physical abilities, it will greatly enhance his overall performance at his position and/or sports that he plays.

Please Note: If you have any questions, suggestions and/or comments about any of our services please let us know so we can improve them for you. For suggestions Click here!


AI Sports' 24/7 recruiting provides the tools necessary for a college recruiter to evaluate and recruit prospective candidates from all over the country, right from the office -- twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Our specially designed online recruiting system allows the recruiter to create virtual depth charts and conduct need-based searches on player positions, statistics, academic and athletic skills, geographic locations, and tested combine results. The recruiter can instantly obtain a list of players that meet his recruiting needs. All the information in our system is checked and tested by our team of trained scouts -- so the information is non-biased, tested and verified for accuracy. This will ensure the student-athlete he recruits is exactly what he thinks he will be when he comes to camp.


AI Sports hosting services help us give the student-athlete access to quality facilities when participate in our combine. The combine scores are used to help the athlete get more exposure into the mainstream of college recruiting and it is our goal to give them the best facilities possible to ensure they have every advantage to perform well during these tests. As a host school, our combines provide you with an opportunity to introduce your facilities to athlete's around your area, so if you are Community College or even a High School with Open enrollment you now have a tool to give your school additional exposure. We also provide the host school with:

  • Two Bronze Memberships to pass on to its players
  • 20 memberships to sell for $25 dollars each -- (fundraiser)

If you are interested in participating as a host school here are the requirements:

  2 - Bench Presses Stations.   2 - Large Water Jugs  
  2 - 45 LB Olympic Bars   3 - Six foot tables  

4 - 45lb weight plates

  1 - Large Grass Area (football field)  
  4 - 25lb weight plates   1 - Flat Surface (Vertical Jump)  
  (185lbs -- Each Bar)   1 - Large Trash can  
* Person to open facility at 7:00 am and close facility when finished.
* Access to a Bathroom
To sign-up as a host please go to our information request page -- click here!    
If you are interested in being a host school/institution please contact us at 877-246-9155.    


AI Sports has developed a new opportunity for coaches, ex-players and scouts to earn money promoting our statistical services. If you have the knowledge and love of football and the drive to own your own business, then you could be making money doing what you love with AI Sports. We will provide you with all the training, materials and contacts you need to become a first-class high school/community college statistical scouting service. You could start a new career by bringing together young athletes and recruiters. If you feel that you have the right skills and drive for this opportunity, please call us at 877-246-9155 or e-mail us at FRANCHISES.
Thank you for your Interest in AI Sports Inc. If you want to learn more about our services please e-mail us with your question. Click here!

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Becoming a Defensive Lineman, Stance, Alignment and Assignment, Defensive Line Play Versus The Run, Defensive Line Play Versus The Pass, Technique Play Against Common Blocking Schemes, Stunts To Stop The Run And Pass, Defensive Line Drills, Assessing Player Performance.